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This was a destination wedding I will never forget. Peter and Judy flew me out to Aruba for their dream wedding, taking place in front of 50 of their closest friends and family members. December is not the ideal season in Aruba and there were daily showers the entire week of our stay. Except for that one bright sunny and clear day… when they got married! I knew the wedding was going to be a lot of fun since the family and friends are a really close group of people. I clearly undermined everyone. Fun just does not explain it, having a blast is what this wedding felt like! Everyone present put effort and energy into making it a very successful, pleasant, and emotional day. The ceremony on the beach took place just before the sunset and it was stunning. Since there was no rain, the reception was held outside and everyone enjoyed eating and dancing under the stars. Speeches were written from the heart and everyone cried. Peter’s dance with his mom made everyone cry a second time, myself included. There was some serious dancing happening and by the end of the night, shirts were loosened, pants were torn, and lots of shoes were thrown aside. I had the pleasure of photographing the whole reception barefoot and loved it. I wish I got to do that more often. Judy almost got killed by the groomsmen, as evidenced by the photo of her flying when they toss her up in the air. Lastly, at the end of the night Peter had to take a mandatory dip in the ocean. After many yummy shots, the groomsmen felt strong and generous and “offered” to carry him all the way there. It certainly was a great ending to a perfect wedding and everyone got to feel the sand under their feet. Aruba was a good host. Stay tuned for more news from these two as “Judy Marries Peter” hits the blog next week!

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