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I am happy to be closing 2011 with this blog post. It is very appropriate to highlight Judy and Peter’s Engagement session since they just flew me out to Aruba two weeks ago to photograph their wedding AND they’re gearing up to have another wedding a week from now in 2012! Yes, a second wedding. A bigger, badder, and more crowded affaire, this time in Brooklyn. They like getting married : ) and they have a ton of fun doing it. Anyone who’s been through the ropes of planning a wedding can imagine what it takes to pull off this stunt. A destination wedding and a wedding at home in a span of a month is a lot of work. But having met these two I can see the teamwork and support they give each other and the dedication they have to attain their goals. Also, it doesn’t hurt that they know how to party! Here’s to 2012 and to the newlyweds!

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