by Sylvester

A photographer friend of mine put me in touch with a young man who was looking to have a surprise engagement session in NYC. Turns out the guy is a son of a famous photoshop guru whose name we should not put here. I got to talk to Mike a few days later and he told me his girlfriend was flying in to NYC to visit her brother around Christmas time. What she didn’t know was that Mike was scheming with her brother to surprise her in NYC and was flying in a day after to propose to her. In addition, both of their families were in on the plan. The only one who didn’t know about any of it was Mike’s girlfriend Alexis. It was his first time in NYC and he knew where he wanted it to happen but needed help with details as he really didn’t know the area. So we hitched a plan to meet at St. Patrick’s Cathedral and walk over to Rockefeller Center and find a good place where Mike can propose under the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree. We came early as the crowds in the area are crazy this time of the year and it takes a good ten minutes to walk each city block. It’s like being at a concert but the crowds are packed along the sidewalk. Alexis was on the way walking from Grand Central with her brother. The guys kept in touch by text message to keep each other informed. Additionally, Mike used a tracking app to see Alexis’ position by having the app preinstalled on her iPad and watching her move on the iphone. I thought this was really cool and sneaky. We waited around a long time for them and when we finally spotted them among the crowd the time seemed to stop. Mike came up to Alexis and tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around and was completely confused, then happy, then even more confused. When it finally sank in she was just ecstatic to see him there, and that’s when he got in on one knee and made it all unreal all over again. She was shocked and could not believe that it was happening. The crowd suddenly dispersed and there was room to breathe. They were given space to have this moment to each other and a whole New York minute later everyone surrounding them went into applause! And they were engaged.

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