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I love Dumbo. Not the Disney elephant, but the Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass area in Brooklyn. It’s a neighborhood a photographer can often revisit and always come back with fresh work. It’s also one of those dynamic and unique NYC places that will oftentimes surprise you. I recently did an engagement session down there with Kim and Jeff who drove down from Nanuet, NY. It was worth their effort and they were rewarded not only with some unique imagery, but also some spectacular weather. We had a lot of fun setting up the shots and playing around. Kim played with Jeff, and I with my flashes… Kim likes to play; her work at Educational Warehouse is all about buying toys that will make your kids smarter! Jeff is a Paramedic in Rockland County and spends a lot of hours saving and helping people. We had to schedule this session weeks in advance because of work schedules so I was glad they were finally out to play, and play they did.

We started out under some scaffolding and had a blast with the street art. I though it appropriate for this session that some graffiti artist would tag “LOVE” above the scaffolding. We did a back alley shoot underneath the Manhattan bridge that looks like it belongs in one of those detective shows. We then moved on to some of the brighter areas the neighborhood has to offer and that’s when we stumbled upon our surprise of the day: Smack Mellon, a gallery with some cool window art that I was able to get us into for some shots. The black and white work by Heeseop Yoon (made entirely with black masking tape) and the trippy window decor by Tamara Gayer provided stunning background and inspiration.

We wrapped it up at the Tobacco Warehouse and took a spin on the recently installed Jane’s Carousel - great project that hands down beats any carousel in the city. I told Jeff I’m keeping the carousel pictures as blackmail material so you won’t see them here, but do take a trip down there to see it for yourself. It’s another success story for the city of New York. Lastly, I want to say that Kim and Jeff are fearless for wearing their Patriots jerseys in NYC. True fans, inside and out. Thank you guys for a fun session and see you soon at the altar. :)

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