by Sylvester

Spring in New York City has been extremely delayed this year. This engagement session took place on the first really warm and really windy April weekend. Des and Rob hail from upstate New York and wanted their engagement to capture a bit of the Big Apple. In contrast, their wedding ceremony will take place at the top of Hunter Mountain ski resort. We met up in Williamsburg and hit up Brooklyn Brewery. However, this plan was quickly abandoned as the entrance line stretched for half a block. It seemed like every New Yorker of drinking age was out and about on this warm day. After a stroll in the neighborhood we headed for Coney Island, our main and final destination. Our only obstacle that day was the cold wind coming from the ocean. Luckily, Rob and Des are two tough cookies and they did not mind it nor complained about it. They really enjoyed each other in front of camera and had a good time throughout the afternoon. I had a few ideas I wanted to implement using Canon’s latest 600EX-RT wireless flashes and we really had to rush things around the sunset time. The first concept was to use the flash and combine it with the bright background of the sunset. The flash was hidden under the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog umbrella. This allowed me to highlight the couple and keep the bright sunset exposed while making the busy surroundings disappear in the shadows. The next shot was taken in a grungy back alley with an elongated puddle in the middle. Des and Rob were skeptical when they saw me working this area but the photo in the end convinced them to trust me :) The famous wooden Cyclone roller coaster is right behind them. The final dusk shots were taken after the sun was already gone. I love creating silhouettes, but I like selective lighting techniques even more. Here I was able to do a bit of both. Rob and Des were really cold by the end of the shoot and I am grateful for their patience and positivity. I can’t wait for the wedding day and to capture them exchanging vows on the top of a mountain! Cross my fingers for no wind.

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