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Pro bono work may come your way in various ways: sometimes you plan for it in advance, donating your time and effort toward a cause you believe in; sometimes you are asked to collaborate on an existing project; and some (lucky) times, it falls in your lap by being at the right place at the right time. In the last scenario, when the opportunity presents itself, all of a sudden you are working without realizing it. At these times, I feel like I’m a part of people’s happiness, another cog in the wheel of their joy, photographing pro bono, out of love for what I do and out of passion that I have for life and people.

This brings us to Mexico. This past May I was there for a weekend to attend my wife’s dental school reunion and it was a pleasure meeting a lot of her wonderful friends. Also, I tell you, one gets conscious smiling around 20+ dentists! We had lots of fun and celebrated new and old friendships. On one of these warm nights I challenged my friend Chaeho to stay up way past bedtime and see the sunrise. I love sunsets and sunrises but have a big problem with the latter as they happen way too early. I think it’s easier to stay up all night and just wait for one. Good wine and company sure helps pass the time :)  As we were waiting for the sun to rise, we met and started talking to a couple from Scotland, Heather and Abraham. Guess what Abraham does for a living in Scotland? He’s a dentist! Very fitting for our weekend’s get together theme. It turned out Heather and Abraham were up all night too and as we were chatting, Abraham pulls me over to the side and tells me “I’m about to propose to Heather! Would you take a few pictures?” Ummm, hell yes! So they walk away and I fill my friend in on the plan and we follow them down the beach, as inconspicuously as possible. Adding further pressure to my role as an incognito photographer was my 50mm lens; earlier in the day my trusty fifty broke down after years of use and abuse and stopped focusing… so now I need to be a sneaky photographer in manual focus mode while my eyes are definitely tired from waiting for the sun to rise! Needless to say, everything came together as it always does in these moments of  morning bliss and Abraham’s proposal went without a hitch. Heather said yes, they embraced, kissed, and were madly in love as the sun rose for all of us that morning.

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